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Pouty Giants Fan Is Pouty

By Bryan Rose

If you were watching the Giants home feed last night (*glares* at MLB extra innings) you might have noticed quite the temper tantrum in the stands after a Brandon Belt foul ball in the fourth inning.

The young fan missed out on the ball (he really never had a chance at it) which a young couple in the row before him snagged up. Unhappy with the result, the little guy didn’t hide his displeasure as you can see above (Watch the video here).

Phone calls started ringing on the young couples cells, informing them of what happened as the broadcast continued to show the displeasured boy – so the couple turned around and offered the boy the ball, to which he vehemently declined.

Kruk and Kuip, awesome as they are, had a ball sent down to the boy (even though his attitude wasn’t very deserving) and all was fixed.

H/T Big League Stew