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Ryan Vogelsong Might Be Super Awesome And Other Neato Things

By Bryan Rose

First, this mega-super-fantastic-kickass-holy crap awesomeness:

Suck it, All-Star complainers.

Also, it’s been blowing up on Twitter for some stupid reason, but Ryan didn’t wear the “Until There Is A Cure” ribbon last night on his uniform like most Giants. Reasoning? He has two home uniforms – one heavier for night games to keep warm, one lighter for day games. The ribbon was sewn onto his lighter weight jersey. That’s all  – so stop the sillyness.

Second, which most of you might have heard – but the Giants will be heading to the White House for their official visit this coming Monday, July 25th. The Giants will leave San Francisco Sunday evening after their afternoon tilt with the Brewers and spend most of their off/travel day hob knobbing with Obama before they head to Philadelphia later that evening for Tuesday’s series opener against the Phillies.

Lastly, this fantastic piece by J over at The City Graphics:

Hopefully Weezy keeps that in his closet before the White House trip.