SF Giants News

Giants Win; Split Series with Padres

By Melissa Felkins

Barry Zito pitched tonight like the ace he used to be…before he became a Giant. He pitched 8 innings, had excellent command and walked 0 batters. It’s defitiniely the best game I’ve seen him pitch, if not one of his best pitched games ever as a Giant. He was good. Real good.

Whiteside hit a solo home run.

Bill hall got a cut down to the bone, will be out for a few weeks…or maybe they’ll just cut him.

Pat Burrell got the other run in on a single in the 6th.

That’s the gist of the game, but what has my mind going right now is this so-called secret meeting that Bill Neukom (general managing partner) came down to talk to Bochy about, postponing his post game presser. There could be a trade on the horizon and if so, we should know soon enough.

Update: Baggs is speculating that Beltran is a possible trade, only because the Mets are coming to town and Sabean hasn’t ruled out a pricey rental player like he has in the past. There is also speculation that it’s just “team function” regarding the White House visit. I can’t imagine an after-game meeting postponing a presser over that. But I kind of hope it’s not Beltran. We know it’s not Reyes, as he just hit the 15-day DL today. I guess we’ll possibly know more tomorrow.