Buster Posey

Reminder: Buster Posey To Appear With Kruk & Kuip Tonight

By Bryan Rose

Just a quick reminder for you all – Buster Posey will appear with Kruk and Kuip during innings 3 and 4 of tonight’s broadcast.

So, that’s awesome.

I however can’t promise that Cameron Maybin wont hit seven inside the park homeruns or that Orlando Hudson wont snag a groundball out of a fire breathing dragons mouth and then quickly polish the ball into a lucrative diamond before throwing it over to first while the game tying runs sit in scoring position.

Seriously – it’s like the Padres have evolved into a lifesize version of David Eckstein. Could they be any more annoying?!?!

Say what you will about their talent level, Bud Black always has them playing hard. And it’s driving me bat shit insane.