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Giants Lose Again & I Can’t Explain It

By Melissa Felkins

I understand that losing is part of baseball. “You can’t win them all.” That’s what people say when a game is lost. No team wins them all, even the Red Sox and Yankees, despite what ESPN may think of those teams. I never look too much as single game losses. I try to look at the overall series. If the Giants win most of each series against a team, they should be in good shape. One loss isn’t a big deal.

But back-to-back losses to the Padres? Well, I just can’t explain that.

The first game, I reasoned they had just gotten back from a road trip and had an earlier game than normal for a Monday. It was hot outside and even if you say Timmy is over the heat issue of not pitching well, I would disagree a little bit, at least enough to allow it to be an excuse for losing.

But yesterday doesn’t add up. The Giants had 3 runs on 11 hits. The Padres had 5 runs on 8 hits.  The Giants had Matt Cain, an All-Star, pitching. The Padres committed 2 errors to the Giants 1 error. And I’ll just say it again. The Padres are not a good hitting team. The Giants aren’t either, but the Padres are worse. Add that to the fact that we have superior pitching and you would think it would be in the bag. I’m going to stop there because this sounds a lot like yesterday’s post, but I just am baffled right now. Cain just broke down in the 6th, giving up 3 runs. And since it’s Cain, I can cut him some slack considering this is the first game he’s lost since 2010 season when he had just 3 runs of support (which he did last night).

Sandoval did hit safely in his 16th consecutive game.

Torres and Qualls had an issue over Qualls spiking the ball upon tagging Torres out at the plate. Torres had this to say about it after the game:

"“I think that’s not respecting the game. It’s not professional,” Torres said. “I don’t believe in making a show on the field."

I’d agree with that, but since early in the season the Giants seemed to always be celebrating on the field, albeit after they won a game in walk-off fashion, I find it a funny comment.