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Padres Take Game 1 From G-Men

By Melissa Felkins

Despite a splast hit by the Panda and a 9th inning rally, it just wasn’t enough to overcome the Padres. It makes no sense really. The Padres are bad and full of hitters worse than the Giants. Don’t believe me? The Padres are behind the Giants in team batting average, runs scored, On-Base Percentage, and homeruns. Probably a few more things too.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was Lincecum day. The day we’re supposed to win. The Padres had Clayton Richard pitching. He’s a 4.20 career ERA. Timmy is a 3.05 career ERA. There is no reason the Padres should have won that game. But they did. 5-3 behind a not so great Tim Lincecum outing.

And they broke my heart since I was there to see it live.

On a side note, did you know Aaron Rowand could throw a ball from mid-centerfield to well beyond homeplate? He over threw the home on a play at the plate early in the game, but I think more people were shocked that he could still do that and that Timmy made a great catch behind Chris Stewart to keep it from going away.

Hopefully we’ll see a better came from Cain today. He was excellent in June so I’m expecting more of the same tonight.