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Why Was Aubrey Huff Crying After Yesterday’s Win?

By Bryan Rose

If you stuck around to watch that near debacle, you’re probably already aware of Brian Wilson’s spaztastsic moment in the Giant’s dugout. And if you saw that, chances are you saw Aubrey Huff looking to be in near tears after the victory (and trust me, he wasn’t the only one…)

While it’s conciviable that Huff was actually spent from that marathon of a game and his emotions came out, it’s not very realistic, as Andy Baggerly tells us:

"“Several folks have asked me why Aubrey Huff appeared to be wiping away tears in the handshake line. Not sure, but Huff has this mock crying performance thing that he does often, usually when he’s talking about his batting average. He’ll start laughing and end up crying. He’s a showman.”"

So there you have it folks – Huff wasn’t really crying. Though, between he and Wilson, I think they summed up my emotions to last nights tilt quite well.