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How Matt Cain Can Help Ryan Vogelsong Make The All-Star Team

By Bryan Rose

Soon enough, Bruce Bochy is going to make his final decisions about the National League All-Star roster. Per usual, there will be favoritism and slights – just the belly of the beast. However, unlike previous years where deserving Giants didn’t make the roster *cough*Pablo – 2009, Cain – 2010*cough*, one or two Giants who haven’t had “All-Star” level years as of right now could very easily be named to the roster thanks to Bochy being the manager, case in point, Matt Cain.

Cain has been very good this year – don’t take my point of him not deserving an All-Star bid as a slight, it’s far from it. There are just players who are more deserving for such a limited number of spots, especially since Lincecum and Wilson will be representing the Giants pitching staff. But, Cain was clearly shafted last year and with Bochy motoring the All-Star ship, he’ll have the perfect opportunity to right last seasons wrongs – and kill two birds with one stone in the process – get Matt Cain another All-Star selection and Ryan Vogelsong represented on the All-Star squad.

With the Giants a starter short (Sanchez’s DL stint), the Giants have opted to have Barry Zito pitch on short rest. Because of this, the rotation schedule results in Matt Cain taking the mound on July 10th against the Mets at AT&T, the final game before the break. This makes him ineligible to pitch in the All-Star game which will result in a Bochy needing to replace Cain’er on the All-Star roster.

I wonder what starting pitcher deserves an All-Star bid….

Sure, it might be a titch shady to people outside of San Francisco, and yes, fans outside of the Bay will be upset – but you can’t argue with the choice, assuming Bochy does replace Cain with Vogelsong. Statistically, Vogelsong has been one of the top 5 pitchers in the National League this season and he very much deserves a spot on the 2011 National League All-Star team, bias and storybook season set aside.