SF Giants Rumors

Dodgers Trading Juan Uribe Back To The San Francisco Giants?

By Bryan Rose

Crazy thought, isn’t it?

Maybe not so crazy…

Baggs reports that the information did come to him from a second hand source, so it’s not the official-unofficial team scoop we’ve become accustom to with Baggs – but it should be taken with serious merit given the fact Baggs felt enough from it to make mention.

As for the actual trade – despite the feel good story it would be, Uribe is making a LOT of money. The Dodgers shouldn’t be able to command much in terms of return talent, so it essentially comes down to the finances – and dealing with the Dodgers front office given the current circumstances might be a two-hop pony ride.

Juan certainly fills a need for the Giants, despite his prolonged slump, but only a half season into his 3 year, 21 million dollar deal – the price has to be right. And frankly, unless the Dodgers eat some of the salary (and given their financial crunch, can’t picture it), the price is just too rich for my blood. The money can be spent much more efficiently on the trade market or even down the road in free agency.