Buster Posey

How Buster Posey Is Spending His Summer Vacation

By Bryan Rose

With a hat tip to SituationalLefty over at MCC, originally spotted on SFist.com, we find out just how Buster’s been spending his Summer vacation…

From the Q Restaurant in the Richmond:

George [the artist] tells SFist: “I am currently at work with the fine folks at Q Restaurant and Wine Bar, who have allowed me over the past few months to make use of their largest wall for themed murals. This month, with our beloved Buster Posey sent. . .to the DL. . .I felt it appropriate to send him some well wishes from all his fans at the eatery.”

And yes – those are indeed a pile of dead Marlins. Which is even funnier considering the 6-24 record the Marlins have amassed since All Things Buster was shut down.

Not that I’m bitter or anything…