SF Giants News

Cleveland Balks!

By Melissa Felkins

…and the Giants win!

I can’t say today’s game was great, aside from Matt Cain’s stellar outing, but it’s definitely one for the history books. After six scoreless innings from both teams and leaving what seemed liked a gazillion guys on base in scoring position (okay, so it was just 4 for us, but the Indians left on 8), it didn’t seem like a run was ever going to be score.

Then Brooks Conrad happened. Oops, I mean Cord Phelps. Same difference. First Miggy gets on base from a throwing error from none other than Phelps. Then Chris Stewart does thing and pops out. Then Matt Cain comes up and wouldn’t you know it,

Brooks Conrad

Cord Phelps has another error, this one fielding. Cain reaches first, Miggy gets to second. Andres Torres draws a walk off the excellent Tony Sipp and as if this inning wasn’t interesting enough, home plate ump Bob Davidson calls a balk. Yep, “Balking Bob” Davidson. The Indians pitcher really didn’t move all that much. Most guys would have gotten away with it, but I’m so glad he didn’t. Tejada walked home to score the first and only run of the game.

It was a pitchers night, on both sides. Zero earned runs. Both teams were 0 with RISP. And the Giants win. That’s how we do it.

Guess Cleveland didn’t rock tonight.