SF Giants News

The Battery Leads Giants to 5-1 Victory

By Melissa Felkins

It’s been a while since the Giants won a game. Before last night, they were on an 5 game skid. Before last night, the Twins had also won 8 straight. They had the hottest streak in baseball. Before last night.

But Ryan Vogelsong, our

5th starter

ace, did his amazing thing and pitched storybook-like. I honestly am fearful every time he pitches he’s going to allow 8 runs in an inning, and reality will set back in. Oh wait, that was someone else. At any rate, Vogey pitched good. Real good. That’s no surprise. He only allowed 1 earned run, and that 1 earned run was originally ruled and error and changed. I really hope he makes the All-Star team.

What maybe was a surprise to some, especially the haters, was that the first 3 runs that came in for the Giants was courtesy of Eli Whiteside. Somewhere, the Washington Nationals are crying. Really, Eli has had a good series against the Twins. After a home run Tuesday night, he hit hit a triple last night , knocking in 2 runs. Then in the 6th, he singled, scoring another. Not only did he get runs in, but he actually got the elusive hits with RISP. Well-played Mauer Whiteside. Check out the triple here.

After that, the other guys on the team decided they may try hitting the ball too. Huff got an RBI with a RISP. I don’t know the last time that happened, could have been Tuesday, but man, it feels like it’s been months. Burriss added one more RBI on an error just in case our bullpen blew up, which rarely happens, but I was happy to see the run anyway.

Speaking of bullpen…of course they didn’t blow up. I love them. I literally want to marry Javier Lopez or Sergio Romo. Or both.

Other things to note: Romo seemed to be limping when he came off the mound. He’s okay. Aaron Rowand got hit by a pitch, like always. He had some x-rays on his wrist and per Baggs, he’s okay too. Some fan stole a foul ball from Cody Ross. He knew he messed up too. Seems like security moved him for his “protection”. People compared it to Steve Bartman, but come on people, not even close. Not the play-offs and had little to no impact on the game expect pissing off Cody Ross. No word on if the fan is okay or escaped the dungeon.