SF Giants Rumors

George Kottaras To Giants Rumors Make Baseball Pants Happy

By Bryan Rose

So, yesterday, Henry Schulman decided to blow most Giant fans gaskets when he tweeted that the Brewers had made backup catcher George Kottaras available. Now, I’m certainly not going to pretend that Kottaras is going to be some sort of savior on either the offensive or defensive side of the ball. But, he has shown an ability to hit at a decent clip at both the AAA and MLB levels and most importantly, he doesn’t need an issue of Playboy to make a solid throw to second base.

The problem the Giants might run into however is that the Brewers really don’t have much need to help a potential foe. All things considered, it’s quite possible the Brew Crew and Giants might see each other round the time leaves start falling off trees. Or at least, potentially, and that’s all the discouragement the Brewers may need. Sure, they’ll part with Kottaras if they can get something of solid value, but that might just bee too rich for the Giants blood.

The Giants are backed into a corner – everybody knows their need. And for some baseball God hating reason, it seems like the majority of decent backup catchers like to play on teams with potential playoff aspirations – teams who would much rather watch the Giants limp out two Carebear catchers than give up their own.

With all of that said though, if the Giants can somehow avoid overpaying for Kottaras, sign me up.

Sorry Whitey. I still love you. It’s not you. It’s m, well, no, actually it’s you.