SF Giants News

2 Triples; Whitey Says STHU

By Melissa Felkins

Giants beat the D-backs last night 5-2. Here’s what mattered.

  • Rowand looked good last night leading off. Did you know he leads the NL in batting average against lefties? Yeah, me either.
  • Tejada ugh. 0-4 w/GIDP. But since he was involved in this awesome play at the plate, I’ll cut him some slack. Seriously. Watch it.
  • New guy, Bill Hall, got his first RBI as a Giant, which happened to be the go-ahead run in the 6th. He also hit 2 for 4.
  • Pat Burrell had his first triple since July 2009. Don’t see him run like that too often.
  • Bumgarner pitched Bumgarner-like and luckily they  got the win for him this time.
  • Bullpen did their thing and allowed 0 runs over 3 innings.
  • After missing a “passed ball,” which may or may not have been fouled–and this was the baserunner that claimed foul tip–Eli Whiteside hit a triple late in the game, giving the Giants an insurance run and then scored another himself on a wild pitch. He also drew a walk, had a decent game and was involved in this awesome play, which you should watch again. He effectively was saying last night “Shut Up Everyone!”

Giants are now 10 games over .500 and extended their first place lead to 2.5 over the D-Backs.

So, question: Are you guys ready to cut Whiteside some slack, or not? I mean, do we really think we’re going to find a “good” catcher somewhere?

By the way, I thought that tag at home on the play by Rowand, Tejada and Whiteside was kind of ironic. The 3 guys that get the most crap, other than Zito, essentially saved that run and possibly the momentum of the game last night.