SF Giants News

He’s Baaaaaaack!

By Melissa Felkins

Pablo Sandoval is back. I’m not claiming he’s back to what he was pre-injury, but he might be. His presence though was definitely felt last night, and while you could chalk the fact that every position player in the game (minus the 1 at-bat Stewart had) got a hit to the warm Arizona evening, I’m going to give Panda some credit. Everybody looked a little less miserable and I’m sure it lifted the burden of Ross, Huff and Schierholtz, who seem to take turns saving games for us lately.

The Giants won 6-5. It looked like it would be a blow out after the first few innings, but after a close call on a play at first base that I’m sure Matt Cain would have loved to have the out at, he seemed to lose some focus and gave up a 3 run home run. Suddenly the 4 run lead is now 1 run. Cain gave up one more run before his night was over, but luckily the Giants had added one more insurance run. Cain pitched 6.2 and the bullpen did what they do best…pitch a couple more scoreless innings.

What I liked about last night’s game though was that it wasn’t just one hero. They needed everyone of those runs, and got them all playing small ball. They worked as a team and I think that’s the key to this team repeating a trip to the playoffs–just like last year.

I will say too, that I liked the lineup on the field last night. Yes, I’d  rather have Posey behind the plate and Sanchez at 2B, but Burriss got the job done last night and contributed a couple of hits to our lineup.

What do you think? Would you rather see Burriss at 2B or Tejada? I’m not even sure that is the plan, but with the way Tejada has been hitting, I’m betting Bochy is going to have him in the lineup today. What about Fontenot? Does that get Burriss sent back to Fresno? Who would you rather see at 2B?