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Freddy Sanchez To Rehab – Avoids Surgery…For Now

By Bryan Rose

We have some good news – and some bad news.

The good news? You’ll be seeing Freedy Sanchez suit up again at some point for the Giants this season. The bad? The injury was severe enough that at some point, Sanchez will need to go under the knife to fix the lingering issues.

The MRI taken Sunday showed damage to Sanchez’s labrum and unnatural stretching in his shoulder capsule – concerning enough for doctor’s who overlooked the results, with the agreement that repairing the injuries via a surgical operation would be the best decision for long term success.

The rehab process is expected to last about three weeks to a month, so, my guess is we’ll be seeing Freddy return sometimes soon after the All-Star break. I just hope for the Giants and for Freddy, it’s the same Sanchez we’ve come to expect…