SF Giants News

Come From Behind Wins Are Oh So Sweet

By Melissa Felkins

The Giants beat the Reds yesterday to even out the 4 game series,  by a score of 4-2. With Jonathan Sanchez struggling on the mound early  and in front of a sell-out crow on ESPN, the Giants reminded the nation that they are the defending World Series Champions. It’s not because they  played that way. It’s not because statistics point to it. It’s because they win. As Bochy says,  “They just find ways to win.”  Heart > Stats. That’s why we’re still in 1st place in the NL West.

It may be sloppy, but they do it. Never  fear though, the Panda is back tomorrow. Are you anywhere as excited as I am?

To give credit where credit is due, “As bad as we’ve done offensively, it’s a testament to our pitching,” Aubrey Huff said after the game. “My God, if we could hit a lick, we’d probably be 10 games over the D-backs right now.”

Huff knocked in 2 of the runs last night, with Schierholtz and Ross getting 1 RBI a piece. It wasn’t all bad  though. When they Giants got down 0-2 in the fourth, you could sense somewhat of an  urgency. Even Chris Stewart got a double and got on base. He ended up being stranded that inning, but drew a walk  in the 7th and ended up scoring  the go-ahead run. There were some nicely hit  balls yesterday, it just took us a little longer to put it all together.

The bullpen really was phenomenal again as well. Sanchez pitched 6 innings  and Ramirez, Lopez, Romo and Wilson combined for 3 scoreless innings. In fact, Wilson allowed the only hit in those 3 innings. The 8th inning, which included Lopez and Romo really was lights out. I love watching those 2 guys pitch, especially Romo.