SF Giants News

Giants Lose to Reds 3-0

By Melissa Felkins

Last night’s game was a lot of the same ol’, same ol’. Bumgarner pitched well enough to win, as he typically does. The Giants hit well enough to, well, not win. In fact, last night was a little worse only because we didn’t score one single run!

I don’t say this often enough, but it seemed like the only good thing we had going for us last night was Miguel Tejada. Yeah, pick your mouth up off the ground. He hit two doubles and went 2 for 4 on the night, exactly 50% of the Giants hits last night. Sanchez and Huff had the other two. Don’t get me wrong, Red’s starting pitcher Cueto pitched well enough to get the win and deserved it. But Bumgarner also shut down the Reds, sans one run through his 7 innings.

MLB.com asked a good quetion: What would happen if Madison Bumgarner pitched against the Giants? Or really, any of our pitchers for that matter? Perhaps they should do a little scrimmage and just see what their opponents are up against.

The Giants made some  defensive bumbles too. Crawford and Tejada crashed into each other. One of them (I forget who) made the catch, but Tejada was seen motioning to Crawford to either “listen” or “use your head.” Either way, with the amount of errors Tejada has had this season, I think he needs to back off the guy is is about to take his job. It definitely came across as him looking like a jerk, whether well-intended or not. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Huff, Schierholtz and Sanchez all nearly collided, backed off…and then let the ball drop in fair territory. *smacks head*

Perhaps tonight we’ll get some run support for our ace, Ryan Vogelsong.

By the way, Edgar Renteria got his World Series Ring before the game yesterday and a touching little ceremony with some MVP! chants going. Despite Tejada’s good game last night, the more I have to look at him, the more I miss Renteria.