SF Giants News

Timmy gets 1000th K, Cain Finishes, Crawford Shines

By Melissa Felkins

The Giants took 2 of the 3 game series from the Washington Nationals this week. Here’s what went down.

Timmy gets his 1000th strike-out

Brandon Crawford makes a great snag…

then hits the go-ahead run

Cain throws a complete game – his first of the season

In this homestand, which also included the Rockies before the Nats, I think a couple of nails were sealed in a couple of coffins. Those coffins belonging to Barry Zito and Miguel Tejada.

Ryan Vogelsong pitched amazing again against the Rockies. Unless something happens to him, he’s not going anywhere and Barry Zito’s role, as great as he pitched in his rehab game, will change when he comes off the DL. Though I do keep hearing Zito to the Yankees rumors. Whether he’s gone, we go to six man, with Zito being that 6th man, or long relief, Zito’s days are numbered (hopefully).

Brandon Crawford had a pretty good homestand as well. His bat is working and his defense is stellar. Bochy would be crazy to give starting shortstop back to Tejada when Pablo returns. I have faith in the skipper, but that is a move I don’t think even the reigning World Series Manager can justify.