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Ryan Vogelsong: Miss Universe, She’s A Callin’

By Bryan Rose

Just a fantastic piece by Scott Ostler from the Chronicle. I wont spoil it – just read it. If you don’t finish it with an “awh”, you’re a cruel hearted bastard and you need to retreat to  your shack atop Mount Crumpit, Mr. Grinch.

"The Giants didn’t call Vogelsong right away. The Dodgers did, and made him an offer. Vogelsong asked Rodriguez to contact the Giants again and relay this message, in essence: I don’t want to be a Dodger. I am a Giant. If you want me, I’ll sign for whatever you want to pay me.Vogelsong suddenly was the guy whose true love dumped him in high school, and 10 years later, just after she wins the Miss Universe title, she wants to give him another shot."