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Giants Panik – Draft Freddy Sanchez Replacement?

By Bryan Rose

When the Giants were placed on the clock last evening in the MLB Amateur draft, there were still quite a few “known” players available to them. And while a few of the pitchers they had atop their draft board were plucked just before their pick, there were still a handful of top 20 players left on the big board.

Selig emerged from the shadows behind the MLB Network stage – the pick, it was in. The Giants, picking 29th, were somehow still in the running for players that slipped and were top-20 talent level.

The selection – Joe Panik.


That seemed to be the consensus feeling throughout the Giant interwebz fandom.

So who is Joe Panik? Well, according to the genius bar at MLB Network, they’re still looking for him on their fancy, do-fangle whiteboard – but in reality, he’s a pretty solid middle infielder who might have slipped another round or two, but the Giants felt they got the best available player at the time of their selection. And considering their recent draft history, it’s difficult to question them…

Panik, who figures to be an easy sign (something other players available may not have been) is revered for his smart and quick decision making and has quite a polished strike zone for a player so young. He’ll never be known as a wizard with the leather as his strengths are mostly offensive, a gap to gap hitter with mild pop, if you will. Panik was one of the 30 players selected as a finalist for the Golden Spikes award and going into the draft was thought to be one of the safer picks. In short, they didn’t luck into a Tulo, but they most certainly got themselves a very solid MLB regular who I’d expect to see for a cup of coffee in 2013, full time in 14. I also don’t expect to see him at SS as his arm isn’t at MLB shortstop level – he’s more of a 2b down the road.

The Giants also drafted Kyle Crick, a 6’3, 225 pound pitcher out of high school near Dallas, Texas with the pick awarded to them via the Dodgers signing of Juan Uribe. Crick will be attending TCU.