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Nationals Offer Giants Ivan Rodriguez – Giants Eh On It

By Bryan Rose

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Washington Nationals have reached out to the Giants, offering up Ivan Rodriguez in hopes that they’ll be able to get some type, any type, of return for the aging future Cooperstown inductee.

Pudge, still solid behind the dish and owner of what many would consider a rocket arm, unfortunately no longer possesses the same lethal bat he one did. One might say he doesn’t have much of a bat at all. Rodriguez is currently sporting a .211 average and while his average of .266 was at least respectable from a catcher standpoint last year, the .294 OBP and .280 from the previous two years, were not.

Now, realistically, bringing in Pudge to backup Eli wouldn’t hurt the Giants – he’d be able to give some solid vet presence to Eli and even Buster. The problem would be Bochy’s undying devotion to his veterans. Pudge isn’t more than a one to two game a week player – you know that wouldn’t be the case with Bochy as he’d throw Rodriguez into the starting lineup a good 4 or 5 days a week.

The Nationals price tag isn’t much – and while I certainly wouldn’t mind Pudge backing up Eli, that’s simply not going to happen with Bochy at the helm. And frankly, my eyes can’t take another sub .250 hitter.