Buster Posey

Buster Posey’s Operation Deemed Success. And I Still Cry.

By Bryan Rose

And I wish that made me feel better. Okay, maybe it does a little…

Buster underwent operation on his ankle Sunday morning for 90 minutes in Burlingame – the surgery performed by Larry Oloff, Ken Akizuki and Mike Dillingham, a doctor for yesteryear’s 49ers and all three deemed the operation a success.

Giants trainer Dave Groeschner said that two screws were inserted to attach the ankle ligaments and that Posey will then undergo another operation in about eight to ten weeks to remove the screws. He’ll still need to remain off of the leg for quite some time, so, it’s not expected he disrobes from the crutches until late August or early September. Clearly, Buster will not be returning this season.

Groeschner also mentioned that there is a possibility Buster will need to have a future off-season operation to remove built up scar tissue a few years down the road, but, we obviously wont know that until the time comes.

Posey’s fractured fibula was only minimally displaced and no plate was needed as the bone will recover fine as it was a clean break.

It’s expected Buster will be at the park to greet the guys when they return to San Francisco this weekend – maybe that’s because Buster wants to meet his new favorite player?

"As you’d expect, Brandon Crawford was all smiles when he woke up Saturday, one day after he hit a grand slam in his major league debut.He smiled even wider when he checked his phone and saw a text message from Buster Posey.“He texted, ‘You’re my new favorite player,'” Crawford said, still smiling."