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Marlins Complete Sweep of Giants

By Melissa Felkins

As if the week couldn’t get any worse with Ford, Fontenot and some guy named Buster Posey hitting the disabled list, the Giants dropped their third in a row to the Marlins yesterday. The score? 1-0, of course.

Vogelsong continued pitching well, as he has been, but still allowed 1 run off 8 hits. That was all the Marlins need. The anemic offense of the Giants was even more apparent without Buster in the lineup, though I’m guessing the guys are just as much depressed, if not more, about Posey than we are.

The Giants begin a 3 game series with Milwaukee tonight with Tim Lincecum on the mound. Let’s hope he pitches a beauty and the guys we brought up from Fresno yesterday start a spark in the hitting.