Buster Posey

Posey Hurt At Home Plate Collision

By Melissa Felkins

Everyone hold your breath and say a prayer or wish on a star or something. Buster Posey was involved in a nasty collision at home-plate last night and is having an MRI on his left ankle today. In the words of Andrew Baggarly, “Buster Posey is hurt. Significantly hurt.”

In case you didn’t stay up for the entire 12 inning game (like me) and woke up to the horrifying news of the game, which the Marlins won 7-6 (partly because of the collision), then here is what happened. Marins’ Scott Cousins had tagged on Emilio Bonifacio’s short fly to right center to score the game-winner and in the process, leveled Posey as he blocked the plate, as catchers do.

VIDEO (if you have the stomach): Posey Injured in Home Plate Collision

Posey’s agent planned to call MLB this morning to ask for some rule changes regarding plays at the plate. He wasn’t exactly clear about what he wanted to happen. It’s a difficult situation to put catchers and baserunners in. Cousins said he felt bad about the hit, but felt it was a clean play. Bochy came out to argue, but so far, the Giants haven’t reacted negatively toward Cousins or the play. Freddy Sanchez indicated the Giants team felt it was a clean play as well saying, “From looking at it (the replay), we think it was.”

And what did the Giants Skipper think about his play that injured his clean-up hitter? Here’s what Bochy, a former catcher himself, did have to say. “The catcher is so vulnerable there. That’s the toughest play in baseball, with a runner bearing down. You hate to see it. That’s our guy behind the plate.”

In the meantime, we have Whiteside to rely on and will likely call up Chris Steward from AAA in Fresno. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.