Buster Posey

For Those That Missed The Ugly Posey Play At The Plate

By Bryan Rose

Here is the video, the GIF, and a picture on impact.

Just nauseating.


Video: Click Me


Here are Scott Cousins’ comments on the situation:

"“I felt like he was blocking the dish. It’s the go-ahead run in the game. I’ve got to do whatever I can do to score. I know Schierholtz has an absolute cannon in the outfield. We made up our minds that we were gonna go when the ball was in the air and force the issue and make them make a perfect play.“I couldn’t tell if Posey dropped the ball or not. All’s I saw was he looked like he secured it and turned towards me, I decided to try and knock the ball loose.“I touched home. I knelt over him and was trying to see if he was all right because he’s a great guy and he’s a great player. I’m not trying to end anybody’s season or anything like that. I was just trying to play hard and score the go-ahead run.”“There was no lane to slide in. From the split-second I had to make up my mind 10 feet away there was no lane. I went in the only way I thought was the right way to go in.”"

Just an incredibly unfortunate incident. I don’t believe Cousins’ play was dirty, but it wasn’t needed. The plate was clearly open for a hook slide. Had Buster been sitting on top of the plate, different story – but he wasn’t. Just a shame. I hope we see him again this season, but, I’d be lying if I said I felt positive about that.

Razors are on aisle 7. Battery acid, aisle 18.

Get well soon, Buster.