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Bochy Thinks Posey Will Be Back This Season!

By Melissa Felkins

Now THAT is the best news I’ve heard since last night! While it still sucks, we can maybe have a slight sigh of relief.

From the SF Chronicle:

"Posey underwent three MRIs Thursday to determine the extent of his injuries. If there is any good news in this situation, it would be that Posey’s knee sustained no damage.“The fracture will be fine,” said Groeschner. “The ankle injury is most concerning to us.”To heal his ankle, Posey will have to undergo surgery to repair ligaments on both sides of his ankle. Groeschner said the team is consulting with outside doctors before embarking on a treatment plan. He said one option would be to insert a screw into Posey’s ankle to help set the broken bone and secure the ligaments."

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Groeschner isn’t as sure, but hasn’t ruled it out. See: Baggs interview with trainer Dave Groeschner