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Giants Sweep A’s in Walk-Off Fashion

By Melissa Felkins

Walk-off win. Extra innings. Nate Schierholtz saves the day. Darren Ford is so fast. Giants rush the field. It seems like all of those words have been written a lot lately. I mean A LOT.

Sunday’s 5-4 win in 11 innings was no different. Sanchez left the game with a tie game of 1-1. Affeldt blew the save and allowed 2 runs. When it looked like time was running out, Nate Schierholtz used those magical arm cannons of his and hit a 2 run homerun to tie the game back. Then, in the bottom of the 11th, it was the rookies time to shine. Darren Ford went in to pinch hit for Romo and hit a line drive single, then proceeded to steal 2nd base, as he does. Posey gets intentionally walked and Manny Burris comes up to the plate. He hit a single, but as we all know, that’s about all it takes to get Darren Ford from 2nd base to home plate. Although the throw from right field was Nate Schierholtz perfect, Ford was too fast and Suzuki couldn’t quiet hold onto the ball.

Giants rush the field to congratulate the heroes of the night. You know the story.

Next up: Florida Marlins. Definitely not the Oakland A’s, so we’ll need to use the bats a little more this series.