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MadBum Gets His First Win Since World Series!

By Melissa Felkins

It finally happened. Madison Bumgarner got a win this season. The Giants beat the Dodgers 3-1 last night in a near complete game shutout. Bumgarner threw 121 pitches and pitched 8 innings and got 2 outs in the 9th before allowing a run. So close. He’s got nothing to hang his head about though. He pitched great and got the win in the end, thanks to Nate Schierholtz and this amazing catch.  MadBum even hit a double and scored a run for his own cause last night. It was a good night for MadBum.

We won’t mention the fact that Wilson finished loading the bases and nearly blew the save. Rest assured, had the OF not been playing in and Nate Schierholtz didn’t have awesomeness running through his veins, the Dodgers would have won that  game last night and Bumgarner would still be looking for his first win of the season. We won’t mention that because, it’s Wilson. It’s torture. It’s Giants baseball, and we usually seem to pull it out. After a few heart attacks.