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Playing Sabean: Which Outfielder Rotation Do You Go With?

By Bryan Rose

Andres Torres is finally ready to return from the disabled list. Aaron Rowand is actually playing good. Well, actually, he’s playing solid – but I guess that’s good for him. Pat is Pat. Cody’s been slumping and having a difficult time removing the wood-grain imprints off his ass. Now we enter Schierholtz into the discussion as he’s been playing well, and oh, don’t forget about that guy playing the outfield in Fresno. Did I forgot to mention speedster Darren Ford as well?

Yeah – the Giants have a bit of an excess in the outfield. Which I guess one might consider a good problem, but then again, so many of those guys are one dimensional generally. Ford can’t hit, but sweet Jesus in a hayfield do his wheels and defense mean a shit load to the Giants. You’re just waiting for Rowand to fall off – admit it, you know it. You wonder how long you can get away with Pat in left field. You hope Andres can return to form, but right now that’s a hope – not a given. And somehow, after two full seasons in the big leagues, Nate’s finally showing what made him such a young promising talent.

It’s a clusterfuck of a situation to say the least. So, I say grab your Just For Men Touch Of Gray – pick up your ugly yet overpriced shades – rock your out of date Benihana polo and trim up that beard. Do your best Sabean and pick your three starting outfielders….

Pick three of them, snowflakes.