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Miguel Tejada Has A Case Of The Dumbs

By Bryan Rose

You might remember a pivotal point in this afternoon’s tilt with the Nations in which the Giants had runners on 1st and 2nd – Nats starter Jordan Zimmermann was struggling with control – and the always gut wrenching Miguel Tejada was at the plate with a 3-0 count.

You recall that, right?

It certainly doesn’t take a genius to figure out Tejada would be taking 3-0 given a wide variety of circumstances. I mean, the Giants actually had runners on base – impressive within itself. More than that though, the strikezone seemed to be crunching on Zimmerman. If there was ever a time for a rally, this could be it.

And then this:

"Tejada beating himself up over swinging 3-0 with a take sign. Called it most frustrating at-bat of the year, and that’s saying something."

Yes. That’s right. Miguel Tejada, the same Miguel Tejada who is hitting a crisp .216 on the year, completely disobeys the order of the coaching staff and promptly hits a routine groundball to short, ending the inning.

It’s a shame Tejada is beating himself up over it though. It really is. Why waste your time doing that when you could do so much more worthy stuff, like, getting the fuck off this team.

There. I feel better.