SF Giants News

Giants Blanked By Pirates

By Melissa Felkins

The Giants lost 0-2 to the Pirates tonight. I’m not sure what else to say other than disappointing. We hit the ball a few times (6), but just couldn’t convert. Even the speed of Darren Ford couldn’t help us pull out the win tonight. Of course, he didn’t play tonight either.

If there is a plus side to losing to the Pirates, and there really isn’t except to say at least it wasn’t the Dodgers, Bumgarner didn’t pitch horrible tonight. He made it through 6 innings and only gave up 1 earned run. He also struck out 7 batters. But scoring runs for him didn’t happen tonight. I believe we’re something like 0 for 17 with runners in scoring position in this series.

At least there is a chance to salvage the series tomorrow. It’s early in the season. We shouldn’t be too discouraged yet, we just have to give them time to make adjustments.