SF Giants Rumors

Is DeRosa Going To Be Traded?

By Melissa Felkins

Is there talk of a Mark DeRosa trade or release? A few sites seem to think so.

"Mark DeRosa appears to be a very viable trade candidate for the Giants. He’s had only 11 AB’s this season so far and Rosenthal says he doesn’t have a chance to play on infront of Pablo Sandoval. The Giants have their infield set with Freddy Sanchez at second base and Miguel Tejada at shortstop. Their outfield will also be crowded once Cody Ross and Andres Torres return from the DL. (ProRumors.com)"

I just said the other night that DeRosa or Fontenot needed to be looked at for trade bait for maybe some minor leaguers. Then Fontenot went and hit the game winning homerun. That settled me on DeRosa. He’s made little impact on the team and considering his wrist is flaring up again, it may just be time to admit we screwed up on that contract. My opinion is that he plays okay, but doesn’t bring anything really special to the team like a Scheirholtz or the Belt potential, and God help me, even Aaron Rowand, and I’ve seen better at bats and defense out of Fontenot.

What do you think? Get rid of DeRosa to free up some room on the roster?