SF Giants News

Giants Take Dodgers Series

By Melissa Felkins

Giants fans are starting to feel a sense of relief. They are also starting to pull things together after a rough beginning to the season. The Giants beat the Dodgers tonight 4-3 giving Jonathan Sanchez his win of the season and Wilson got his second save.

Both Sandoval and Fontenot hit home runs in the 6th, with Fontenot representing the winning run. Fontenot wasn’t even in the original lineup tonight, but got the start after DeRosa’s wrist started bothering him. At least DeRosa and his wrist are contributing in some way this year. Belt also went 2 for 3 tonight, so it seems he’s coming out of his slump.

Sanchez pitched pretty well tonight, striking out 9 and only walking 2 batters. You never know what you’ll get with Sanchez. Glad we got good Sanchez tonight. He did give up all 3 runs, but got the win all the same. The bullpen held the Dodgers and Wilson only saw 3 batters, which always makes for a good night.

It should be noted that Ted Lilly hit Buster Posey twice tonight. Despite Bochy’s objection, both teams received warnings after that. I feel like the tension is building, especially after Lincecum hit Uribe again last night. I’d give it a month before the benches get cleared though given the reaction to the Bryan Stow incident.