SF Giants News

Offense is Back – Giants Beat Dodgers 5-4

By Melissa Felkins

The first 3 1/2 innings this looked a lot like yesterday’s game. No offense and sloppy defense. Lincecum struggled in the 4th, but pulled it together and the rest of the Giants pitching was phenomenal tonight. Even Mota. No, especially Mota. He pulled Lincecum out of a jam and really showed some good stuff tonight. Wilson also got his first win of the season and he seems to be fully back and ready to rage.

This was a good game. Dodgers took 3 run lead. Giants tied it up. Giants took 1 run lead. Dodgers tied it up. In the end though, the Giants pulled it off after a triple by Aaron Freakin’ Rowand and a wild pitch to Freddy Sanchez that allowed Rowand to score.

Posey went 3 for 4 tonight after going 1 for 11 in this home stand. He started the rally in the bottom of the 4th and had very good at-bats tonight. Brandon Belt even got a much needed hit tonight and hopefully gained some confidence.

There are rumors of Belt possibly playing the outfield after taking some fly balls out there before the game. After seeing Huff continue to struggle in right field, it may not be a bad gamble to take. Personally, I’d like to see Nate out there at least until Ross gets back. Huff and Burrell both struggled from the plate tonight, so I’d venture to say that right now their bats wouldn’t be missed, especially considering that Schierholtz has been hitting pretty well this season.