SF Giants News

Giants Lose to Cardinals 6-1

By Melissa Felkins

The Giants couldn’t overcome Lohse and the Cardinals today to complete a opening weekend sweep. Sandoval knocked in the only run of the game for the Giants during the first inning. After that, Lohse mostly shut the Giants down, pitching 8 innings and allowing 5 hits for the game. Zito, on the other hand, had a rough outing, allowing 4 earned runs and 5 walks in only 5.1 innings.

We were missing Posey, Burrell and Torres from the lineup, so we weren’t at full steam, but I won’t discredit the job the Cardinals did today. They needed to win and they did it convincingly. Third baseman Freese went 2 for 4, hitting a home run and getting 3 RBIs.

Let’s just hope now that the hoopla is over from opening weekend, they boys are ready when the Dodgers get to town tomorrow.