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Full Video Of San Francisco Giants World Series Home Opening Ceremony

By Bryan Rose

If you weren’t one of the lucky 40+ thousand to enter the gates of AT&T yesterday or one of the lucky ones to live in an area where the Giants are televised, then chances are you’ve only seen a thirty second clip of the home opening ceremonies on Sportscenter.

Fear not though, my friends. I present to you, in full, high definition (okay, maybe not – I get carried away)…the full 41 minute ceremony – from player intro’s, to Weezy’s House of Pain run that concluded with the flag hanging.

It’s a monumental moment in Giant history, so if you weren’t able to watch it due to an impromptu blackout on DirecTV (thanks a lot guys, seriously, thanks…of all times? Really?) or were stuck at work with the mid-day start time, it’s a fantastic way to spend part of your Saturday.


Click here to watch.