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The Gift For A Giants Fan Who Has Everything…

By Bryan Rose

Posey jersey? Please. Had that before he boarded a plane to Richmond.

Belt shirt? One from every minor league tour stop.

World Series cap? Make that two.

Game used Barry Bonds helmet? Damn right.

Champagne bottles and corks from the World Series and NLCS celebrations? Say what?

The Giants are selling off trash champagne bottles and corks from each series victory (along with the NL West clincher) – though, unfortunately no ski goggles are included with the purchase.

The prices vary from $20 dollars for a NLCS cork to $199 for a World Series celebration bottle.

Say what you will about buying some rubbish – this is still pretty fucking cool. You can inquire about the purchases by e-mailing Paul Kelly of the San Francisco Giants (gameused@SFGIANTS.com) and you can authenticate your victory pieces by visiting the MLB Authentication website.

Also, buy me one.

I’ll be your friend.