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Giants Have Tough Weekend Against Dodgers

By Melissa Felkins

Series Game 1: Giants 1, Dodgers 2

Series Game 2: Giants 3, Dodgers 4

Series Game 3: Giants 10, Dodgers 0

Series Game 4: Giants 5, Dodgers 7

I’m not sure what else to call the opening weekend in LA except disappointing. Not disappointed so much in the guys, just that we lost and we now to have to deal with the realization that teams are coming for us hard and that defending our title will not be an easy chore. Here are a few things that I did noticed about the games this weekend though:

  • Game 3. All of it. I liked that we scored 10 run with only one solo home run and manufactured runs playing small ball.
  • I wish we could have spread those 10 runs out. It looks as though we’re starting the season with similar problems to last season where we’d go several game scoring very few runs, if any, and then open up with tons of runs in one game.
  • Brandon Belt got his first big league home run! Sure, it was ultimately spoiled by a Dodgers win, but we’ll take it and the confidence it likely gave him anyway.
  • Matt Cain is the man. I just love his consistency. Not to discredit any of our other pitchers, but I’ll say what many others have said. He is just a work horse and am hoping his run support continues this season.
  • Aaron Rowand wants a job. Either his old job or a decent trade. Either way, his play was good this weekend, particularly in Games 3 and 4.