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Giants’ Aubrey Huff’s Body Found In Right Field

By Bryan Rose

Though he’s error free, one could reasonably assume that Aubrey Huff’s first three games of the year in right field haven’t gone exactly how he’s wanted. From the gnarly shadows, the ever-famous dark gray baby blue Los Angeles skies, and the white t-shirt/jersey wearing fans, playing outfield at Dodger Stadium isn’t exactly a cup of tea.

But, as Huff proclaims, being the best athlete on the team does have its perks – and Huff Daddy showed off his tools yesterday afternoon with the most awkward, painful, graceless….yet, stunningly beautiful catch. The rest of the Giants were so impressed with Aubrey’s catch, they decided to honor him with a beautiful montage in right field today:

According to Jamie Sire, the guilty parties include Rev Runzler, Belt, and Burrell.

Absolutely hilarious.

Thanks to ir1shgiant for the picture.

Update: They’ve been caught!