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Uribe Already Has Stank Eye For The Giants?

By Bryan Rose

For those of you that missed it last evening (all four of you), there was a very awkward moment after Tim Lincecum hit Juan Uribe. It was clear Juan wasn’t very happy with the plunking and it seemed, at least in his mind, there was something behind the pitch…

Which brings me to this piece from Bagg’s blog:

"Was Juan Uribe ticked off after Tim Lincecum hit him with a pitch? It certainly looked that way. Lincecum said he knew Uribe was looking in his direction, too, and honestly hoped his former teammate didn’t read any intent into the pitch.Uribe told the LA Times that he “feel(s) happy when I play the Giants. My old friends are here. I feel happy toward the Giants. It’s not like I don’t like the team.”Something else is going on, though. When I tried to interview Uribe on Tuesday in Anaheim, he told me to tell Lincecum to throw him a fastball — and not in a playful tone. Then he turned down my interview request in rather brusque fashion.I don’t take that personally. Players have good days and bad days, and I don’t penalize them for declining to give me some time. But I got the sense Uribe was being purposefully dismissive of me (and Lincecum), like he wanted to prove to his new teammates that he’d cut the cord from his previous organization."

Juan’s a nice guy – a really nice guy, actually. But, I think he feels a bit disrespected by the Giants, especially the front office. Maybe he needs that feeling for motivation – I’m not sure, but, there is an obvious tension for some unknown reason which is really sad considering how important Juan was to the run last year.

Maybe he wasn’t completely aware of how fans would react to his move south – maybe he needs the motivation – maybe he’s angry at the front office. Whatever the case, the tension is there and I’m not really sure it’s justified on his part.