SF Giants News

The Rivalry Just Got Ugly

By Melissa Felkins

Disturbing story from after the game. Apparently a Dodgers fan attacked and injured a Giants fan last night.

"Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg said Friday that two men in Dodgers clothing followed three men in Giants gear as they walked to their car after Thursday night’s 2-1 Dodger victory.Rosenberg says the attackers yelled slurs against the Giants and began kicking and punching the men.One victim suffered a head injury and was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.Rosenberg said his injury is not life-threatening. (Via KION46)"

I won’t use this as an opportunity to attack Dodger fans or the team because I realize every team has idiots. I just hope they find those responsible and that this isn’t a trend we see more and more.

Not the way to start off the season.