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Giants Rally Late; Can’t Overcome Errors Against Dodgers

By Melissa Felkins

The Dodgers put a damper on the reigning World Series Champion Giants last night in the season opener in Los Angeles. The Giants lost 1-2.  I say the Giants lost and not the Dodgers won because well, the Giants did lose it on errors.

I will give some props to the Dodgers though (ugh). Clayton Kershaw was on fire with 9 strikeouts to Lincecum’s 5. Lincecum didn’t pitch bad and actually had 0 earned runs. We just played poor defensively and weren’t getting quality hits. Burrell, Tejada and Posey all had fielding errors. The first run of the game was allowed in the 6th with bases loaded when Posey and Sandoval tried for an aggressive play against Kemp on 3rd. After making a good save on a ball in the dirt, Posey picks it up and attempted to pickoff Kemp at 3rd, who had his back turned and was off the bag. The throw was off, Sandoval missed it and Kemp had the last laugh, running home to score the first run of the game. Posey and Sandoval both felt Kemp unintentionally block Panda from getting a good catch on the throw. You can see the play here.

It wasn’t all bad though. Brandon Belt has his first big league hit during his first plate appearance. Pat Burrell reminded Giants fans why we love to see Jonathan Broxton come in, hitting a solo home run off him in the top of the 9th and getting the Giants within one. Tejada got the 2nd out of that inning and the Giants were left with none other than Rookie Brandon Belt to pin their hopes of winning on. No pressure, right? Belt worked Broxton on that at bat, and overall during the night, took 29 pitches off the Dodgers. The kid has some plate discipline. In the end though, the Dodgers got it done as Belt lined out to Uribe at 3rd base.

Other things to mention: Lincecum hit Uribe with a pitch. Neither felt it was intentional, but I’m sure it felt a little good to us spurred Giants fans.

We do it all again tonight at 7:10pm with Sanchez on the mound against Billingsly.