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Giants Get Pre-Season Sweep of A’s

By Melissa Felkins

The Giants kept things interesting today in their 2-1 victory over the Oakland A’s. When most had given up hope with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th and while fans were pouring out of the stadium, the Giants pulled out the win.

Today was mostly backup players and those who didn’t make the final roster, but they showed the fight that won the Giants the World Series last season. We saw some decent pitching by Madison Bumgarner and got to witness Nate Scheirholtz cannon of an arm, but the real treat was the bottom of the 9th. Here’s mostly how it went down.

  • Fontenot hit a 2 out single to right field. Then, during a botched pickoff attempt while Whiteside was batting, Fontenot takes 2nd base.
  • Whiteside singles on a line drive to left field. Fontenot scores.
  • Chris Stewart (C) pinch hits for Kroon and hits a line drive to left field, allowing Whiteside to score and end the game.

I was there today, and while it may not seem that dramatic, it was actually pretty exiting. Whiteside hit 3 of 5 today, with two singles and a double and really showed some leadership on the field today, particularly when it mattered. He’s obviously not Buster Posey, but it’s nice to know there is someone with good leadership available to fill in when (Heaven Forbid) Posey is out. He’s a good catcher and his hitting has improved since last season.