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Brandon Belt Makes Giants Opening Day Roster. Do A Happy Dance.

By Bryan Rose

Shhh – listen carefully. You hear that? I think it’s the sound of the pearly gates slowly opening into the baseball heavens. Brandon Belt is a San Francisco Giant, my friends – well, at least for a few weeks.

Belt was officially named to the 25 man roster after today’s Spring finale, though the price does come on a mild sour note as Travis Ishikawa was designated for assignment in the move. In addition to Ishikawa being released, the Giants optioned potential rosteree’s Edlefsen, Stewart, Rohlinger, and Vogelsong to Fresno while feel good story Marc Kroon said he will talk with his family about his potential options, be it Fresno or elsewhere.

Back to Belt for a moment. Bochy addressed the media after the game and said Belt will become the everyday first baseman while Ross is out with injury and that the ballclub will then “re-evaluate” the situation when the time comes. Aubrey Huff, never one to miss a moment, cut the clubhouse tension with this razzer:

"“You crying yet Belt? Tear up…I’m going to be tearing up the rest of the year in right field."

Ah. It seems just like yesterday when our hopes and dreams were falling on the shoulders of John Bowker. What a difference less than a year makes.

I’m thrilled for Brandon – hopefully he’ll force the Giants to keep him on the big boys club when Ross returns from injury – although, it’s tough to watch Ish go. He was always a sentimental favorite of mine. Good luck, amigo – and welcome to the Giants, Mr. Belt.