SF Giants News

“It’s Spring Training. It doesn’t matter.”

By Melissa Felkins

“It’s Spring Training. It doesn’t matter.”

Have you said those words this week? I have. A lot. Oddly enough, it’s in complete contrast to a few weeks ago when I was adamant that a successful spring did matter. Don’t get me wrong. The Giants are not having a bad spring. But we certainly had a bad week.

Let’s review:
3/18:  SF vs. LAD — L  3-6
3/19:  SF vs. KC  — W  3-1
3/20: SF (ss) vs OAK — L 4-6 | SF (ss) vs. CHC — L 2-3
3/21: SF vs COL — Postponed
3/23: SF vs LAA — L 0-8
3/24: SF vs CLE — L 1-7
3/25: SF vs KC — L 3-15

That’s a lot of L’s.  Did I also mention that Cody Ross will start the season the DL for three weeks? Or that closer Brian Wilson may not be ready for Opening Day either?

The torture is definitely back. But with all that, and the possibility of seeing Aaron Rowand’s smiling face in center field on Opening Day, it’s not all bleek for the Giants.  They’re still tied for 2nd for the Spring and Bruce Bochy is not concerned. After last season, I’m going to have a bit more faith in our skipper and trust his lack of concern.

I’ll also keep telling myself “it’s only spring training. It really doesn’t matter.” Unless we start winning again. Then it definitely matters.