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Travis Ishikawa Well Aware Of Roster Crunch Facing Him

By Bryan Rose

With Brandon Belt continuing to impress, the impending return of Mark DeRosa and the need for Pat Burrell’s big stick, the Giants are running out of roster space for offensive players. On the bubble are Nate Schierholtz and Travis Ishikawa, despite both of their stellar defensive gloves.

Ish is fully aware of the situation, as he told Pav on Bagg’s blog:

"It’s just an honor and a privilege to be able to put this San Francisco Giants uniform on. I think it means a little bit more just because they’re the team that brought me into professional baseball, developed me and took patience with me, and gave me an opportunity. I’ll always remember my time here, but you know it’s a business and they’re going to do the best possible thing for the organization. There aren’t going to be any hard feelings if something was to happen. If it does, I’ll understand it, and hopefully I’ll be going somewhere where I have a chance to play.”"

I’ve always had a soft spot for both he and Nate, so seeing either not wearing the orange and black would be a tough pill to swallow – but they are what they are – role players, on a good team. There certainly appears to be some interest around the league on Schierholtz – though in a perfect world, both would be around opening day while Aaron Rowand threads up for a new squad.

And if that happens, buy your lotto ticket, IMMEDIATELY.