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Giants vs. Dodgers Recap March 18th

By Melissa Felkins

It had to happen. It was bound to happen. The Giants lost another Spring game yesterday…to the Dodgers.

Losing hasn’t been too often this spring, only losing 6 game and having the best record in MLB. It’s like they won the World Series last year or something. Yesterday wasn’t their finest hour though. It wasn’t their worst, but losing to the Dodgers always hurts, even if it is Spring Training and doesn’t count. Jeff Suppan go the start yesterday and went four innings, allowing 2 runs, 7 hits, no walks and 2 strikeouts. Not terrible, but not enough to hold back the Dodgers in the 6-3 loss.

You can read the box here, but there wasn’t too much to get excited over. We had some hits and runs, but just didn’t connect enough. However, I would point out that this was a starting lineup consisting of Fontenot (2B), Tejada (SS), Huff (1B), Sandoval (3B), Scheirholtz (RF), Rowand (CF), Ishikawa (LF–yeah, LF?), Stewart (C), Suppan (P). With the exception of Huff, none of those guys were in the World Series starting lineup and likely won’t be on the everyday starting lineup this season, except Sandoval. So yes, we lost to the Dodgers, but at least it was our B team (not that those guys aren’t capable of stepping in and contributing to the team).

Other news this week: Jonathan Sanchez looked good on Thursday, throwing 6 shutout innings in the 4-0 shutout against the Angels. Also, in case you missed it, Brandon Belt is looking good. I mean really good. Wednesday he nearly hit for the cycle. The big question now is whether management will bring him up the the bigs at the start of the regular season, or wait until May or June.