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Want To Eat Like Tim Lincecum? You’ll Need Your Own In-N-Out

By Bryan Rose

If you live on the West Coast – consider yourself lucky. Well, outside of that whole “earthquake potential” thing.

In-N-Out is universally loved and considered by most as the fast food restaurant – impostors needn’t apply. And oddly enough, if there is healthy fast food, In-N-Out is it. Famous for their high quality beef lacking any additives or preservatives, cholesterol free frying veggie oil and their hand picked, delivered fresh daily vegetables – it’s a mouthwatering treat.

And judging by Tiny Tim’s order when he hits up a local In-N-Out, he’d agree.

From USA Today:

"His traditional fare? Three Double-Doubles. Two fries. A chocolate-strawberry shake. Ketchup please, but hold the lettuce and tomatoes.“I’m not a big vegetable guy,” he says.Let’s see, three burgers at 590 calories. Two fries at 395 calories. A shake at 590 calories. The grand total: 3,150 calories."

Hey – I said it was healthier – not healthy.

And can you believe I got through this entire piece without a munchies joke? Me either.