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Padres Ace Latos Doing His Best To Create A Giant Rivalry

By Bryan Rose

No matter how you feel about Padres ace, Mat Latos – one can’t deny his stuff. The guy is absolutely filthy. His movement and speed combined with that towering frame is a creature that visits major league players dreams. So questioning Latos’ ability is pointless – he’s absolutely legit.

The problem many  find with Latos though is his questionable attitude. After his childish and irresponsible issues at AT&T last season and the “I hate SF” autographed balls, one would reasonably assume he’d quiet down – especially after giving up the humbling season ending loss to the Giants.

Think again.

Latos continues to puff his chest, the most recent time in a piece with the respected Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports:

"“I could care less about people in San Francisco, what they think and what they say,” he said. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion on everything. I could talk until I’m blue in the face about it. I’m sure Philly thinks the same thing. Florida probably thinks the same thing. People have their own opinions. Let them tweet about it.”"

Respected Padres relief pitcher Mike Adams thinks it might be best for Latos to keep the yapper shut for the time being:

"“Say what you want,” Adams said, “but if you’re going to talk, you’d better not look like a dumbass. He’s 23. He’s going to have to be told every now and then to back off a little. It’s more correcting him. He’s still young. He’s learning. Sometimes, he forgets that. But, hey. It’s all right. The people in the clubhouse understand him, so that’s all that really matters.”"

Where do I fit in on the whole Latos thing? Well, in a way I think it’s good. The NL West has been void of much controversy or bitter blood wars the last few years, so sparking a bit of a rivalry between the two squads should make for some entertaining ball. He seems a little obsessive with the people of San Francisco, more than the actual guys on the field which is a bit……odd….but either way, Latos’ bad blood for the black and orange will provide some high quality entertainment without a doubt.